How to maintain alloy jewelry

In our lives, the most crude of the jewelry will be divided into two kinds - true and false. The so-called true is real gold and silver, diamond jewelry. The so-called fake, presumably those alloy ornaments. In fact, the true and false statement is one-sided, alloy jewelry is not limited by the material, can be designed to be bolder, more refined and even more dazzling. Shining and exciting, the changing colors are also the advantages of alloy jewelry.

Alloy jewelry is also very collectible in the present, we like its design sense, like its sparkling. Therefore, alloy jewelry is also worth collecting. Most of the hot Korean jewelry in the fashion world is alloy jewelry. How to maintain the alloy jewelry? I believe we will remember the following points, our alloy jewelry will keep its light for a long time.

1. Alloy jewelry does not need special maintenance or high-grade cleaning and cleaning machine, just remember to try to keep the alloy jewelry away from acidic and alkaline substances.

2. The damp environment is also the enemy of alloy jewelry. It is not suitable to wear alloy jewelry when bathing and exercising.

3. Before the alloy jewelry collection, wipe it off with a clean dry cloth to remove the sweat residue, water, grease and other substances that are easy to oxidize. Then place the alloy jewelry in a sealed bag that is insulated from the air.

4. When you sleep, say good night with your beloved alloy jewelry. When the weather is hot, the plating on the alloy jewelry will quickly oxidize when it comes into contact with the sweat, so when we sleep, we must take off the beloved alloy jewelry. Prepare as many pieces as possible for frequent replacement.

5. Do not bathe with it. The chemical substances contained in bath products such as bath and shampoo are also the enemy of alloy jewelry. It is also the culprit that makes the alloy ornaments no longer bright as new.

6. Separate storage is a very effective protection method for alloy jewelry. Several alloy ornaments are placed together at the same time, they will rub each other and scratch. Remember these principles and believe that our beloved alloy jewelry will accompany you for a long time and longer.

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