Home Textile Industry Development Two Major Marketing Trends

Home Textile Industry Development Two Major Marketing Trends In 2013, we ushered in the “shuffle” year of the home textile industry. In order to achieve a breakthrough, home textile companies must see the future marketing trends.

Marketing Trend One: The era of innovation calls for innovation, and the market calls for innovation. Innovation is definitely the most critical factor in marketing success. Why are so many textile companies unable to get up or going out, often because marketing ideas are not enough, copycat, imitation too much, so that consumers are not fresh.

Marketing innovation includes many aspects, including product innovation, promotion innovation, channel innovation and price innovation. However, to achieve marketing goals, we must begin with the innovation of marketing concepts. The innovation of marketing ideas determines the direction and direction of marketing innovation. It is the level of marketing retreat. The real activity of marketing innovation lies in marketing creativity.

Marketing Trends II: Differentiated differentiation enables consumers to be impressed by your products in many similar home textile products, leading to the occurrence of buying behavior. Differentiation is the essence of marketing. Marketing exists to reflect differentiation.

From a product perspective, products are divided into five layers: core interest levels, tangible product levels, desired product levels, extended product levels, and potential product levels. The level of product core interests is relatively stable, and there is little possibility of making a fuss. There are many places where innovation can be done at other levels. Including products: quality, features, styles, trademarks, packaging, quality, ease of use, features, and mainly to help users better use core benefits and services and value-added services.

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