Feminine Coca-Cola card allows you to lead the trend of style

Of course, the most practical winter coat coat, not only practical, and the trend, gives the impression of full femininity.

This winter, whether it is the lady wind, Japan and South Korea style, or the British style of the crush requires a changeable attitude. Is not a simple change, but a personal image of the upgrade, is a personal taste and realm of a show, in this winter, to a hundred Variety, a beautiful and changeable myself is so easy.

A Japanese and Korean style coat can easily get the coat with, if you want to point the European and American style can also be the same mix will have a different taste too!


Coats, boots, winter has become a must have a single product, but, to make this universal dress become different, some personality is good. Clever mix will be able to wear elegant ladies, ladylike temperament, stockings and high heels, is the trend of this season to lead a single product. However, a little change is good, short paragraph jacket, a very unique lapel, full of personality, take the high collar knit sweater, not exposed neck, but also very elegant. Then hang a string of white ornaments on the neck, lower body simple and elegant shorts, knee boots, shorts and boots in between showing a beautiful thigh, sexy charm, how could not stop.

女人味十足  蔓露卡让你引领潮流风范

A very rich Korean style woolen long coat, whether it is cute girls or delicate women are very suitable for wearing collar collar unique plush decoration, three-dimensional and vivid, but also looks very elegant and elegant, the front of the clothes Half-moon design, the bow at the pocket, all give the whole Yi Yi have added aesthetic taste of romance. Take a knee-length dress within, appropriate to highlight a level. Stockings look a little extra, bare legs is still very charming, coupled with exposed high heels, sexy is your synonym, go where you can even more color.

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