Fashion Fish Children's Wear The First "Fish Gathering Fortune"

In the fragrant season of August, the first "Fish Gathering Fortune Forum" was finally opened in the midst of great expectations. On August 26th, the fashion fish children's wear held the first “Fish Gathering Fortune” in the Baiyun International Convention and Exhibition Center. This session of the 100th Lecture Hall invited six franchisees with rich experience in store operations management to share with over 1,000 people from all over the country how to realize the experience of doubling the number of stores and doubling their profits. Problems encountered in the actual operation and management of shops. The Lecture Room activity provided an operating and management experience exchange platform for all fashion fishermen's clothing franchisees. It not only demonstrated the concept of the fashionable fish “family” but also enhanced the brand reputation of fashion fish and won the agreement of the franchisees. Sure and appreciated.

Mr. Wu Shaoyong, General Manager of Fashion Fish, took a photo with the guest speaker

Participate in a franchise forum

The host, Ms. Yang Rong, opened

This session of the 100th Lecture Theatre began with a cheerful song and the eyes of franchisees. Ms. Yang Rong, the host, gave a speech with gracious sentiments and expressed her warm welcome and sincere gratitude to the arrival of the franchisees. He also announced that the first “Fish Gathering Fortune 100 Forum” was officially started!
First of all, Ms. Liang Yu, a senior designer of fashion fish children's wear, elaborated on the four themes of "Design Team Growth, Work Environment Change, Product Style Innovation, and Spring 2014 Product". The total number of team members in the design team continued to rise steadily, overall quality improved overall, and the percentage of designers in each series was equal to the confidence of the major franchisees. The history of design style innovation allowed many senior franchisees to recall fashion fish. The stage of change is quite touching; the key lies in the products in the spring of 2014, with the theme of “garden party”, which means children play in the garden with warm grass and grass, and the flowers and the sun are accompanied by wonderful collision in the spring. The classic series The garden of Lolita, the Eden of the City series and the ever-changing children of the trend series, the noble princess and the gentleman's prince enjoy this dreamy and cozy party. Ms. Liang Yu preheated the fashion fish in advance for the spring of 2014 conference. The three series have vivid colors, strange tailoring, breaking the tradition, breaking the shackles, tailoring fashion and personality for children! Ms. Liang Yu comprehensively analyzed the design concept of the fashion fish 2014 spring new product launch conference and disclosed a part of the product series map, which attracted the intense attention of all franchisees and was very much looking forward to the grand ordering conference tomorrow.

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